This site started as a place to easily store my personal notes and thoughts so that I could easily refer to them later. After a bit, it has become a blog for projects and other items that I'm currently working on. You should be able to find something for 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontrollers somewhere in here. This is a site for hobbyists, professionals, and anyone else who has an interest in such things.

If you have heard of Arduino, AVR, MSP430, PIC24, or dsPIC33, you should find plenty of helpful topics around, although the site will likely focus on the Microchip and Texas Instruments since Arduino already has quite a lot of content on the web.

Occasionally, I will also likely devolve into topics of 3D printing, linux, or other semi-related postings, but those won't be too much of a distraction.

If you have requests, dropĀ a line in the comments or visit our Contact page.

Site Guide

  • Articles are general-purpose one-offs intended to inform or entertain.
  • The Current Sensor is a small, inexpensive way to measure the real-time current of a device.
  • The Curve Tracer is a project to create a curve tracer that costs less than $15 but has all of the troubleshooting goodness of a benchtop curve tracer.
  • Dispatch is a serial library intended to make it easy to send data from a microcontroller to an application or other microcontroller via a UART.
  • The Fan Controller is a small design for a PC PWM fan controller with soft-start and scaling. It takes one PWM input (typically from a motherboard) and scales that PWM to 1-4 fans with user-defined scaling.
  • The Fixed-Point Math section outlines and benchmarks our favorite Q1.15 math library.
  • The Load Cell Sensor is a single-chip solution for getting strain gauge data amplified and digitized.
  • Meta is all about the blog itself.
  • We keep data that is intended to be up-to-date in our Reference area.

Our Online Profiles

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