Our Favorite Places

Places where we like to go digging for information, datasheets, whatever:

Octopart - a great place to lookup a part, mechanical or electrical

thingiverse - open-source physical objects for 3d printing... check out my things!

github - the repository of choice for your code, hardware files, etc... check out my repository!

KiCAD - home of the free schematic editor and PCB layout software!

The Amp Hour - if you are into podcasts about electronics, this is your jam.

OSH Park - Custom PCBs, good quality, low cost!

Other Blogs

Hack-a-Day - daily postings of hardware and software hacks - the blog is the best part!  I have been following this site since ... 2005 maybe?  Has it been that long?!  geez...

EEVblog - Dave has never heard of me, but I have heard of him.  I'm a fan.

uC eXperiment - similar to this publication, but more Arduino-focused with some STM32 bits thrown in.

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