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We have Added Feeds!

If you look to the right on the sidebar, you will see that we have added RSS and Atom feeds! This wasn't a critical update, but it was something that I have wanted to do for a bit. In truth, I hadn't used feeds myself, so it took me a bit to even understand the reason to publish a feed. After I realized what it was, then I decided that I wanted to create a feed.

As it happens, I am currently reading enough blogs that this sort of item on each blog would help me sort through the old vs. new quite well, so I am happy to add to the potential productivity boost for you guys as well.

Other Changes

Disques Comments

Each article now has a 'comments' section powered by disqus. I really like having a comments section, but my readership is small enough that this probably won't matter for the near future.


I have also been doing some other 'look and feel' changes to the blog. Some advice from a friend suggested that I should alter the 'Profiles' on the sidebar to not be so prominent. Additionally, I have altered the tag cloud so that tags with only one instance are not shown. I have also badged each tag cloud item with a numeric indicator so that the user has an idea of what he is getting into with each tag.

Index Page

Based on the advice from said friend, I also placed the 'summary' of each article inside the well in order to better group the front-page articles. Hopefully, this will make it a bit easier for you to see the separate content on each page.

Navigation Bar

Finally, I added some functionality to the navigation bar at the top so that the pages collapse when the screen narrows. This functionality isn't perfect just yet, but should be enough so that the page doesn't look too strange on phone and tablet-sized devices.


In the future, I suspect that I will can the 'about' page and place all of that information on the index page. Ultimately, the site is about projects and how they were done and the fewer clicks that it takes a person to get from one place to another the better. I may also start adding 'breadcrumbs' to show a person where they are in the hierarchy of the site. There is always more to do!

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My thanks to the Pelican and Python Communities.