schematic revisions

As always, there are some schematic errors.  This is one of the issues with highly integrated ICs, it is so easy to mix up the pins!  Maybe I should stop doing schematic and layout so late at night...

  • Vcap should be on pin 20, nothing else.  This error arose from me reading the wrong columns in the data sheet.  We simply have to solder a 4.7uF cap across R8 and short C2.  We also have to cut the trace going to the U1 circuit and attach that trace to the identical circuit on R7.
  • LZ_OUT_x pins were intended to be the operational amplifier outputs.  Instead, they are the DAC outputs.  The opamp outputs are on pins 7 and 26.  Pin 7 currently holds the current sense A/D input and will have to have the trace cut and a patch wire added to another A/D.  Pins 25 and 26 can probably be easily jumpered with a solder bridge if pin 25 is made to be an input.
  • The programming header has pins 1 and 2 swapped.

This is much more rework than is typical for my layouts, but with boards costing less than the parts on it, it isn't a big deal.  We will continue to patch the boards we have - and post embarassing pictures - until we have a fully functioning layout!  I'm sure that more problems are waiting to be found.

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